Discuss the Undiscussable Button 

This button, Discuss the Undiscussable, was designed and produced for presentation at the University of Nebraska’s 5th annual Conference on People of Color in White Institutions in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 27, 2000. Undiscussables are sensitive, work and racially related matters on the back of the minds of employees. These undiscussables by their nature go undiscussed and therefore are not dealt with in a way that is proactive for the benefit of all employees and ultimately the organization.

You are encouraged to wear this button in support of the belief that people of all colors need to learn to talk much more openly together about issues that are on their minds but that are not frequently discussed. As all people become more proficient in having such discussions, all people stand to benefit from the corresponding learning that will result. Predictably, future generations will improve and eventually, some of the undiscussables will in fact be part of our most normal everyday conversations and actions and no longer considered undiscussable.

Teamwork, creativity, management, leadership, following, trust and consequently productivity may be improved by effectively developing the skill to discuss the undiscussable. The button was designed and the presentation given by Norman M. Davis, Assistant Professor, Business and Economics, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven Connecticut and manufactured by the Graphic Arts students at James Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Connecticut. Please wear your button proudly and purposefully.
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